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      Happy Valentine's Day! And what a day I've had. Sting of the Concubine has gone live! I've had a fab experience working with the crew at LSB. Their talented group has really made it shine. An exceprt of the story and the cover art can be viewed in my Exceprts section. April Martinez, who did this cover is just SO talented! Kudos to her for making this cover.

      I had the honor to share my launch date with another wonderful writer, Jan Darby. Her book, What Alice wants?, is definitely a lot more action geared than mine but I'm loving reading what I've seen so far. So it will definitely be on my list to pick up shortly. If you're reading this on February 14th, come visit us in the blog: Silver Expressions. It's a great place to read excerpts, hear what the various LSB authors are up to, and win contents! Jan and I are running one contest today and the winner will be announced tonight.

      Visit: Liquid Silver Books to purchase the book. Already started on the next part of the story so stay tuned for more news there.


      It is official as of last night. Liquid Silver Books has picked up and agreed to publish, Sting of the Concubine. This fantasy, erotic romance novella had become a passion of mine ever since LSB announced their Zodiac competition. Can you guess which Zodiac I picked to play with?

      Anyway, I'm excited to get to work with the talented crew at LSB and I look forward to announcing my official launch date. Meanwhile, check back for some excerpts in the near future.

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