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From Sting of the Concubine

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 1-59578-201-X

Chione glared at the man who had taken her virginity, the man who stole into her dreams and tormented her with thoughts of lust. The man who dared to be called an Emperor, who had left her father alone to die.

"Leave us. Clear the room." He still held onto her as he waved his other hand about.

The hurried clamor of the guards rung in her ears, but her gaze never left his face. She watched his smile turn into a scowl. His eyes darkened as he cursed under his breath. The doors behind them screeched a piercing echo through the chamber as it closed. The last thud of stone against stone reverberated through her body.

A foolish man indeed, leaving himself alone with her. She could strike at him for all he had done. He had a good head of height above her, but she had been trained by the deserts of her home. A water-soft noble would be no match for her. His only saving grace at this moment was that she needed him. She had to stay focused and win him to her side for her people.

He released her hand, her body becoming keenly aware of the lingering warmth dissipating from where once he held her. He turned to look upon her, the intensity of his stare burning through her. His glare set her body in conflict, numbed her muscles rendering her unable to move and yet excited her blood until the heat of a flush kissed her neck.

Silence settled between them, etching time eerily slow. He did not move, but his gaze trailed a line down her body. The corner of his lips curled as desire flared in his eyes. She forced her attention to remain on his face and away from the ripple of muscles that covered every inch of his body. Her heart beat erratically, and her nipples tightened, begging for his touch.

"What do you want from me?" Her words shook as they escaped her mouth.

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