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Who am I?

Born to a world alien to my skin. My youth has been spent dreaming in the worlds of Alexander Dumas. The tattered edges and loose binding of my copy of The Count of Monte Cristo an ever present existance at my side. The stories of intrigue, betrayal, and love always a constant reminder of the beauty the written word could evoke.

Raised into a world of technology and science. Experiencing the worlds of Frank Herbert's masterpiece, Dune. My heart poured out to the plight of the God Emperor as he whithered to death in a pool of water next to his lover. My imagination yearned to know what happened beyond the hold of the Face Dancers.

Matured in the arms of Romance. Embraced by the kiss of vampire in a lore that extends from Buffy to Anne Rice. Wrapped within these bounds is the action and intensity of martial arts.

I am all of these periods of time, bringing them together to meet in the stories I create.

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